How to open manage modify system settings for an app with activity starter

can we set activity starter for a button by clicking which directly (can change sytem settings) option page for an app opens up. So that user can enable this option for an app if the app requires this permission.To which level we can reach with activitystarter 1, 2 or 3

  1. seeting 2)Apps 3) Apps configuration settings 4)Special access 5)can change system settings.

Use the Screen.Open App Settings block

Yea Sir! thank you for you reply. But by opening app settings page this permission is not mentioned there. How good if i can open directly this page

Not possible what you want

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thank you @Mika then how we can make simplest for user to enable this permission manually. I mean if we set activity as
when button1 click
do set.
if now on pressing button1 we ca land on settings–>applications
then upto where we can go in this row settings–>applications–>special access–>can change system settings

There is no way to do that.
Android does not allow that.

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