How to organise my kodular account

how to organise my kodular account
helo all.
can i have list vieew insted of ikon? tjat wau i can hav discription more.

it is ful of unwanted half aps. can i move it somewere? so i can hav just one or two onely on first page?

can i bundel blocks. i has many blocks. i can hav bundel number 1. nomber 2. like that. i dos not have ackses to java or andrd studio. within kodular only plese.

my other queres are stil open. plese luk at them also.

also ther is not real easy nice ways to put coments in block to explane things. what is ther is not sooo goode. it wil be helpful for lerners.

ty. hav nice day

First of all, please don’t use short forms in a post it makes the post confusing… I couldn’t understand what you want to do

Download unfinished or unwanted aia files to your computer and then delete them from creator.

You can always collapse blocks to free working space and organize your work

I believe it is quite easy to add comments


ty soham and dorapaz. ty

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How is this :point_down: a solution?


Avoid marking your own reply as solution except when you found the solution yourself. In this case you should mark @dora_paz’s reply as solution, as it seems to be complete. I am doing it this time


Ty vaibav

I was wrong. But why it alos me my own as solutions.

Because you are the original poster/author of this topic

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