How to pick up some text between long text

I want to pick up a text from the long text for example
the long text=1234567890
my input = ( Means I want to pick up text between ) 23 or 89
please help me in this

You can use segment the text block but you should be knowing the palace it have to start

Segment Text (given text)
Start 3
Length 4

(Instead of 4 you can use length if the text - 6), depending upon your needs you can change it

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but the length of the text is changed every time only 23 and 89 is a contestant
it is all random

1, 123djsdfjh89dbfh
3. 12bhjbubbbhb9089
its changes every time

It can be done using Regular Expression Extension by @Kevinkun


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Thank you so Much

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pls keep in mind the result of Regex.getMatches is a LIST.

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