How to place the buttons

Well, you see, I am new to Kodular, I have been trying to make requests for a couple of weeks, however, I have problems with the language, since I only speak Spanish and it is impossible for me to translate the page (this query is translated with the translator Google, EXCUSE ME, DOES NOT UNDERSTAND THE PERFECTION) I try to get ahead, but there are movements that do not even go a thousand times. I know how to do them perfectly, the first one is the BUTTONS theme. I wish I could put them on the part of the screen that I want and the size that I do too. It is very simple but it is making it difficult for me to continue with my project. If anyone can help me please thanks in advance

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Welcome to kolular community ,
You can find customization options in right side of builder .

You can find more about buttons in :- Button - Kodular Docs

thank you very much for helping me continue :slight_smile:

Hello @Laurarrom
If you’re having trouble using the Creator in English, we have a Spanish version you can use instead.
Follow these steps to enable it:

Hope this helps

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You guys are great, I’ll try right away, thanks!

Hey @Laurarrom
Welcome to the Community

From next time please make sure that you don’t create duplicate topics

Hope you will enjoy this platform!!:slightly_smiling_face:

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