How to play a sound and how to fast forward and rewind it

Since I have still not received a solution for almost a year (see → here) and there have been a lot of inquiries, I am introducing the solution today:
playSound_forwardRewind.aia (342.1 KB)

In this example a sound is played from the assets, but it also works with every other path from the external storage (also for the removable / micro SD card) as I have show in the daily challenge #81.

See last e.g. here:


I have taken back up of this link, wounderfullguide actually it is … amazing work and dedication… :clap:


I´m idiot. Now I understand this was YOUR Daily Challenge. :rofl:

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See i just added this block to gave source to the player, but as you can see in the video still facing the issue. There is an error in total duration of the music, it showing 0. Second slider is also not working.

@Still-learning @bodymindpower

Of course, because you set the Player.Source after the Label1.

Post your aia or send it via PM. I can take a look.

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Hello @bodymindpower from my side I am real appreciating and give you my thanks in advance for this supper awesome daily challenge which was very difficult no one solved it but you have solved it by yourself. :pray:

Please I would like to ask;
will this method work for Online Streaming too or there are should be another way for online.mp3 playforwad & playbackward?

I will real once again ppreciate for your response:pray:

Yes, but why not try it yourself?
And if there is a problem, post your blocks and I will answer.

If there are problems on some devices in idle (sleep) mode (screen off) and the stream interrupts (sound stops), this is due to Doze mode and has nothing to do with my solution. KeepScreenOn works in any case.

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Yes genius I am going to try it, currently I am waiting for the electricity to come.

Surely I will post the response if any error hapens.

I real appreciate for your response, since then you have saved me a lot on this


Thanks by just taking that player up now its working perfectly, you are truly a genius. There is one question why i need permission for read external storage, when i am just outsourcing the audio file from airtable ? @bodymindpower

Thanks a lot for solving this big issue :pray:

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How should I have known that beforehand.
I assumed that you wanted to play from external storage.
Of course, you don’t need this for streaming.

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Okay, once again thank you so much :blush: :pray:

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Actually as i asked you i want 2 more features in my music player -

  1. 10sec Rewind - 10 Sec Forward
  2. When previous click it restart the audio

Capture 2 Capture

So can you tell me how to do that ? which blocks should i use to make that 2 features enabled ?

Here you go:


play_forwardRewind_skipRestart.aia (882.2 KB)

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woww you are awesome, so fast and truly genius thanks a lot.