How to Play Offline Videos

we can also do this, check if the file already exists, and skip this step

to check, if the file already exists, you better use the Exists method…


The yellow marked block should be in the Screen1.PermissionGranted event.

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Yes , i Did


why is this problem not fixed?

Why are you not dealing with this problem with Kodular?

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Hello, I tried the way you did, but there is a problem.

Black screen appears when user deletes videos from storage.

The video is not saved in storage again.

So if the user sees and deletes the videos in the storage area, the videos won’t be opened again.

What is the way to upload user-deleted videos back to storage?

hello, I’m experiencing this problem now too, the user deletes the files that are saved and no longer works.

We have two options, test whether the file is saved or use webview to show images or videos without saving anything.

I don’t understand why webwiem can find the file without any problems and videoPlayer has this BUG. unfortunate