How to Prevent image load on web viewer

Hello community…

I was wondering if I can restrict image load on a webviewer. So that I can give user an option to make image load or not while surfing internet.

Just like data save option in chrome browser to make website load faster.

If anyone have any suggestions then do let me know, i want to add this feature to TBrowser if possible.

If not then I’ll request makeroid team to consider this.

FYI - I searched google for this and didn’t get any help.

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We can add this option.

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Cant we execute this command on webviewer

$(document).ready(function() {
$(“img, embed, iframe”).each(function() {
var obj = $(this);“objsrc”, obj.attr(“src”));
obj.hide().attr(“src”, “”).before("<span class=“loading”>");

Please guide us how to use it

He meant to disable loading images, whereaas your code does “lazy-loading” of image, and others.

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We can use get
And replace .png .jpg .gif
With .others :joy::joy:
Lets try ones

Thanks for the reply @pavi2410. It will be great if we have this option in webviewer settings.