How to prevent the app from restarting when I touch the experimental notification component?

I am using the notification experimental component, I have used the on app pause methods to create the notification and on app resume to cancel the notification. But when I touch the notification the app restarts again. Is there any way to fix it so that the app opens like when I touch the launch icon and the application returns from the task without restarting?


I1m also waitng for the answer about this. about 1 month.
I look in the web but i found nothing

I think I discovered a solution, after much testing with the manifesto,
I think this works, at least for the moment I had no problem with the tests. Using a program like Apptomarket:
I have added the following permissions to the manifest:


Try you too and tell me


I dont know how make it yet, but i’ll study. Thanks to share.

I submitted an issue/fix for this on github but AI didn’t agree with me:


I am far from an expert but I didn’t understand the answer of MIT staff there. I totally agree with you. The problem he talked about is not a problem, and if it is it is a smaller problem than the current problem.


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