How to put buttons in ColinTree

Hello guys,

I’d like to know how could I put two buttons in each box of ColinTree extension… If It is not possible with ColinTree, how can I make that, without the extension?

Thank you for paid attention.

Unfortunately there can be only one button in Colin tree list view.
You can try card view extension.You can use more than one buttons there.

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No, there can be two, even with custom background images. Check out this topic:

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But there is no such example or post which tells that you can use two extrabuttons at same time.

This post tells that two different buttons can be used but not together.
I think we ( me and @Robert ) have some misunderstanding.

I think @joaopedro_bpv is asking about using two buttons together.
Can you clarify it?

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Yes, it is about using two buttons together, in the same box. I’ve read the topic you guys have talked about. However, as @vknow360 said, I’d like to put two buttons together and not to put two different buttons in different boxes…

About Card View extension, could I take out the image and replace it to a text label? I am not instrested to put any image, just wanna put one text label and two buttons together…

And is Card View able to be used with Spreadsheet?

Sunny, extra button is one only, by default. He is asking to add button somewhere else in list

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And do you know that you are posting this 1 year later?

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