How to put PLAY ICON over all dynamic images?

You can’t set two image to the same component.
Question why use Card View is this lock normal rectangle ?
I’m not 100% shure try this:
Replace Card View by HA (horizontal arrangements) and the icon to background image of HA.
Next created the image within the HA.


Its easy.
Take any layout(HA/VA) and set its background image, then, take a label and set its Material Icon to play_arrow. Also, don’t forget to set its horizontal and vertical alignment to center. :slight_smile:


Should it be created in dynamic components.???

Yeah, it can be created in dynamic components.

Friend can I make for a large number of images??

Create Dynamic CardView

Inside it Place a Dynamic Vertical Arrangement
Set Vertical Arrangement AlignHorizontal and AlignVertical to Centre.
And it’s Background Image to Your Video Image

Inside Dynamic Vertical Arrangement,
Create a Dynamic Image of your Play Button.

i have one more way
if you don’t prefer the above easier one
then i can share that too

I can’t see Vertical Dynamic Arrangement on kodular components.
Please tell me friend
And also share your different way

Use Dynamic Components Extension.

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Yeah. You can make for n number of images.

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@ADDYLIN I can’t put play icon over dynamic vertical arrangements

use the background picture to put play button on it

I want to put play button icon on center of the background image.
But when I tried to put it middle of the background image, the play button icon only seen on the top of the images

Set your arrangement properties like this AlignHorizontal = Center and AlignVertical = Center

It can’t work as I wish.

I want to put it middle of the image

You need to make some changes in SetProperty block

AlignVertical = 2
AlignHorizontal = 3

Value should be in integer

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Please show this block.
How can I do this?

@Supravat_Roy Like this


Thank you go pick.
Gopi I also want to know one another thing.
Using Dynamic Component Extension I have create this but how to get “when dynamic component clicked” Event.
Please share

Use Any components in block section


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