How to reach camera in webview on kodular?

Hey eveyone, i want to read a QR code in my app. I use webview for my app but i can not reach camera in webview so i can not read QR code.

I research eveywhere but can’t find the solution. Please help me !?

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Try using

Thanks for answering me. I checked link that u send me and i tried but i could not fix my problem. Is there any more explanatory explanation for this issue?
I’m new in kodular and also mobile web development :slight_smile:

Read here

Test this
webview_camera.aia (69.2 KB)

Aia was modified for Kodular from original here


I tried everything you sent me but none of them work. :frowning:

Do you wish to post your aia to check it ?

Yunus.apk (5.3 MB)
Yunus.aia (4.2 KB)

Did you tried this ? :point_up_2: This works

You haven’t followed @dora_paz suggestion of using CustomWebView here :point_up_2:

No, i really tried this one but i can not get a permission from my device to open camera. When i click “Grant” nothing happen. I haveto give permission manually from device options to open camera in my app. My app’s qr part is still broken but thanks for all u help. If there is any idea to fix it im totally open. :slight_smile:

Test this

Yunus_1.aia (71.8 KB)

Did u give permission to open camera from app settings for device before open this one? When ı give this permission manually it works but when i open application with not give permission manual, app asks me that “You want to open camera” → i approve but after that nothing happen. I face to face error which ı send before this reply.

No I do not give permission from app settings. You have to realize that webviewer will ask you for camera permission only if camera is needed

I see. Every post which i reasearch i saw this solution but it could not work on my phone. Interesting …:confused:

Maybe because you aren’t trying to understand how CustomWebView actually works?
You give it something only when it asks.


Exactly what I already stated :slight_smile:

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