How to read data from mysql more than 1 column to textbox in kodular?

I want to make a Barcode Scanner App. I can read data from the database (PHPMyAdmin) in 1 textbox. I want to add data in another textbox. How to add the data can read in another textbox? Thank you

Read here

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oke thank you, I’ll try it

You confused: mysql is not the same as sqlite.
Do not respond hastily.
He wants to query the mysql database: he will have to use a web component.
He will have to either use one of the Scripts (Taifun or Juan) or create the Scripts himself.
There are several examples here in the community.

Phpmyadmin It is not a database. It is a tool for using the database.
You need to read about Select SQL command to run a query on the database.

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I simply added the URL just by seeing his topic… in his heading he mentioned mysql… :disappointed:

oh yeah, thank you for your corrections :sweat_smile:

and this is my app, i want the result in textbox 2 (Nama Barang) is Tisu and textbox 3 (Brand) is Mitu.

this is my blocks

and this is my codes

You need to return Json from your PHP Script. Then use the Json Decode text block.
And the lookup pairs Key or dictionary block.