How to read out contents of a webview in an app?

I made an app that can open a google search on a webview. Now I want to make my webview not visible, I tried to find a block to get the contents of the webview but I don’t really know about it so I decided to ask about it. My app needs to start reading contents when a condition is met (I have already done that) and it needs to stop if a button is clicked (Already done) Now I only want to make it read and narrate webview text

Only Html

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I would like to tell you two things:

  1. Always search in the community before creating a new topic.
    Cloudinary curl request - #27 by vknow360
  2. If you know js then you can do this.
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Cloudinary Curl request didn’t come up in my search results. I should have searched more, sorry.
I don’t know js.

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