How to refresh list after deleting some data from list

@Shatrudhn_Kumar after deleting an item, Clear all variable or list and remove all list item or dymanic component item list. And then load again.

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if i remove all list then that will be deleted forever from list?

I do not think so. all data remains in the database (gdrive or asset / local ).

do you use dynamic component by @yusufcihan

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yes i used dmc components by yusufchain

Where your pdf file? On google drive or asset

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google drive

please tell me how to clear variable and which components i use for remove item from list

Show your blocks

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ok just wait

I don’t understand your block yet.
Can you share block web get and dynamic componen creat list.

see this list

did you successfully delete the data.

For sample after delete item
blocks (8)

Remove item from all your list in dynamiclist
An load again your list.

not working i have 3 list and in those all list i have used dmc components then if i use used id then dmc components will remove all three list id

Check my Dynamic.aia (133.2 KB)

Here is the procedure for deleting and reloading data again (new data after deleting items). I am sure you will understand.

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first of all thank u for your efforts i have come one problem i was working as u told everything is good but i have made a list with the help of dynamic components and dynamic card in this list dynamic card is my main container then how to delete dynamic card and its id please help

why are you using dynamic card view whereas you can dynamically create cards using extensions?

Look at the example I show you, I use Cardview and make it dynamic, after that we can make horizontal / vertical arrangements and labels, images or buttons.

it’s easy to know which id each component uses. then we can change or delete it as we like.

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