How to reload same activity?

How to reload same activity on button press or any other event?

You have to give more info or an example about what you mean.

Your screen is an activity so close it and open the same screen again

getting data from MYSQL in list with the help of recycler view. recycler view have left and right button (image) .
when click delete it delete related item and list looks same. i want to refresh list . i tried refresh button and other way but not got. i think reload activity will help.

So this is an extension problem?

may be…but i m not sure.

Or did you something wrong. Maybe show your blocks.

I want to pm u aia. but u have to test it on your own mysql server because my server have lots of data of app users. …

No, i can not help you with that. Just show your blocks or ask the developer of this extension.

How to show lots of blocks ?

Rightclick in your blockeditor and save as an image. Post that here.

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Run delete query first.
After successfully delete just remove this item from list. Or again run select query