How to remove allow contact, photo & media notifier when app is opening in phone

I made an app (BPSL Beneficiation) using makeroid, there are couple of notification (allow contact, photo & media) opening in phone, when i installed the apk file to my phone. i didn’t add any component whichh is related to contact or media. i don’t want to see this splash notifier while opening my app.

Here i attached both snapshot regarding this issue.

You can’t remove those since the app won’t work without the permission

You can remove the component(s) that is/are causing that permission to pop up, dont ask which ones, do research first.

i created same app with appybuilder with almost same components. these notifier dosn’t appearing on starting of app. is it a default notifier set by makeroid. bcoz it is opening on each screen. i have used four screen in my app & same notifier is opening on each screen. i added a empty screen to test and i got same notifier.

if i publish this app to user then they will get irritate by ticking every notifier on every screen. if i use 10 screen then user has to tick 10x2=20 times to use this app. so please solve this issue to at least 1x2=2 time while opening of app.

So ask it in the right forum.

i need help regarding this issue. please tell me the right forum for this. i am new on makeroid.

This is not actually a issue but your app need these all permission to run as per the components you used in your App.

According to me then as @Kleyber_Derick says the right fourm may be appybuilder community


Even once the user allow these permission the app will then again will not ask for the same permission till he changes permission in Settings

Hope you Understand

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• Makeroid is better that’s why. And Privacy concerns do run about in this world, so Makeroid makes sure users know the things that the app needs to process right to prevent weird things from happening…

• Stop comparing builders, I dont sit here and compare White Chocolate to Dark Chocolate.

• Btw, your keyword is almost not all.

Sir, i am not comparing any of the builders.
i was just worry that, is my app safe or not. i seen some better & wow components on makeroid from other builders. and as i told earlier ’ i am very new on this field’.
i want just help for this. if it is not an issue, then its ok.
thanks for reply sir…

Permissions come up to show your app is safe. In theory.

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