How to remove Exif Metadata after Resize

Hi All,

I’m using greate Taifun Image

but after resize image, looks like image rotate into -90 degree …

I think it’s because of Exif metadata that need to be removed .
How to remove Exif after resize ?

Thank you

is this a Samsung device you are using for your tests?
did you try testing on another device?

Yes, I’m using Samsung note 9.
Is it because of my device ?
I’ll try any other device then, and I’ll report it to you.

without using the Resize method the image also will be displayed rotated by 90 degees…
you additionally might want to rotate by 90 degress manually…


  1. without resize method, the image is displayed correctly. I try to take off resize method…

and the result on web :

compare the result after resize :

  1. I’ve tried rotate manually after resize, but it’s not working. That’s why I’m thinking because of Exif metadata.

and the result on web :

It will be tricky, by rotate image component 90 degree. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

strange… when I use LANDSCAPE mode on Camera, the image is not rotating.
I’ve decided to push screen orientation to LANDSCAPE when taking a photo… LOL …

Here’s web image result :