How to remove "made with makeroid" from about this app 3 dot menu

No need to hide title bar See my upper solution which will remove the 3 dot menu from the title bar to view in the app

@sunilpandit1018 Wants to get the Title Bar with a 3 dot menu, but also want to remove the “made with makeroid” part so he has to create his own Title Bar

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Then may use ActionBar Extension and hide the default title bar of the App!

Action bar extension does not works in Makeroid.

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Oh! sorry then But i had used the Search Bar extension in Makeroid maybe Actionbar not working

Here is a list of extensions that doesn’t works in Makeroid:

It is because as we don’t want that our peers know that we have not made the app by doing real coding and made it through android studio or eclipse ,etc.

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That’s very selfish behavior.

Makeroid allows you to do amazing things without having to know a lot of things in code.
Not putting Makeroid forward is not logical.
All this for your personal pride, which is actually worthless.

I don’t understand, sorry.


You can think of Makeroid as an Android Studio. Because both of them allows making your app. There’s more than one way to do something.

If everyone knows Makeroid, nobody will ever think about it again. That’s why there is such a thing (made with Makeroid part) for the Makeroid to gain users. If you don’t want to help the Makeroid to gain users, ok, you can use Android Studio or something.

Help Makeroid to gain users > Everyone will know Makeroid > Nobody will not want to remove made with Makeroid part when everyone will know Makeroid.


I know this solution… I thought from different point of view

Thats called cheating in my view.


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Compile with the latest :kodular: Kodular Chamaeleon. :sunglasses:


I think you mean chameleon… :smile:


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Oops! My error.

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Don’t worry, I had to search it up the first time too. :slight_smile:

We are developers. We only works with “BUGS”, not those silly errors :joy: :joy:


This was the cause of my mistake…

Stupid Gboard