How to Remove Suspended app from Play Console

I have a Suspended Corona Virus app. I want to Remove from Play console.

Please search (not only the community) before asking. Thx.

Yoshi :yum:

You can’t…

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No, I can’t. Please guide me.

I think you did not understand, he really means that

remove it.


Yes, I understand the suspended app cannot be removed.

Adding, if your console account has more than 3 suspended app then your console account may be suspended.

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Not may be but definitely :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You may unpublish it.

Rejected apps cannot be unplished

I once asked them to remove an app that they blocked from publishing. It was an experiment where i tried an extension from @Ken and like i said it was blocked. They did that without any problem.


You can Contact Google Team For Delete App.App should not have any users.