How to rename assets

Please tell me how to rename the files on assets.

You cant

Just rename the file in your file manager and reupload it


Oh,but is there any other way.I want this cause I get confused

But why do u want rename the file in assest?

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Because I dowloaded images from web.So I just randomly put name.So it is unable to recognize which is the one I am looking

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why do u not use the download component for downloading
You can give the save file name as

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I did not know that at that time

You cannot directly rename the file in the asset itself. But one thing that you can do is, if you have image file, you can click on them to preview them in the asset window itself,so that you don’t get confuse while assigning them.
However this is true only for image file and not any other file

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Yeah,I wanted to know which was the j son file also