How to request permission to use a microphone

Hello Community,
I made an application and the application uses a microphone, how do I request permission to use a microphone

please help me :slight_smile:

Try android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO


Could you send me aia file please ? :slight_smile:

You do not need an aia for that


If you use sound recorder it automatic ask permison.

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i did what you said but i ran into this error :frowning:

β€œError 908 :the permission RECORD_AUDIO has been denied. Please enable it in the settings app”

This is a simple test project using GetASD extension by @bodymindpower to create AppSpecificDirectory in order to save recorded sound. Works with no errors

test_microphone.aia (14.9 KB)

test_microphone.apk (5.2 MB)


i will try thank you

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Actually this is what I tried to do

Yes, but you don’t need to ask for permission as the Sound-Recorder will automatically ask for it. The same applies to the ASD.

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I showed what I wanted to do in a video, how can I ask permission for it?

Show your blocks (and post the aia).

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sorry wrong file, one munite please

This is not possible because this is not declared in the Manifest. So you need to add the Sound_Recorder component to your project, so that RECORD_AUDIO is declared in the Manifest.

Note: You can ONLY ask for a permission that is declared in the Manifest.


SpeechToText (1).aia (1.9 KB)

this is the correct file

No need to post the aia in this case.

But I alread gave you the answer: Add the Sound_Recorder comp.

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sorry i read it wrong


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warte, ich versuche es sofort

We are alread at post #20 for such a simple question. So for the next time please read this first:

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