How To Reuse Spreadsheet In One App?

hey, guys

  i'm making one app using 3 colinlist view, 6 spreadsheet and page viewer(3 tab).

is there any way to reuse spreadsheet in second and third tab also? i try to find solution but didn’t get suceed, please help

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welcome to community, show us what you have tried, because its similar for every list view, as you given for first listview, same give to second listview

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I want to call data from 3 different tables and want to show in 3 different list. I set some block when someone switch tab > table name will change and call data works fine but if someone quickly switch tabs all 3 list data same for 5-10sec. Sorry for my English :sweat_smile:

show me your blocks , how you are setting lists

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Clear the list whenever the user changes the tab and load the list items again.

I think using three different listview will be better option.


You have already achieved what you want that 5-10 sec delay is for loading data from airtable for that you can use linear progress notification.
Whenever user changes tab show notification and when the data is loaded just dismiss the notification.
That way user will not see wrong data.

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Thank you sir ,but problem solved now

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Thank you sir

Thanks you ,I used same for hiding delay

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