How to reverse tag list of firebase

i want to get last value in 1 position in a list

tag list as time stamps

How to reverse tag (in time stamp) list of firebase

When you get the tag list using the got tag list block, store the reverse of value in a variable

tag list in time stamp so above solution is not enought

you want like the latest tag should be at top?


but tag list as blow

10.12.2020 12:20:20 am
10.12.2030 12:30:20 am
12.12.2020 12:30:21 pm

Why not use time tools extension and use epoch its better and then arrange it in descending order using any method

list as above hot to solve my problem

Use this extension and use epoch instead of using standard date and time
DateTools : Some tools to work with date and time

You can convert epoch into any format you want and its a number so you can arrange in descending order

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