How to run a procedure in the background using background tasks version 4.0

I want to run a procedure every minute or so even while the app is closed, I downloaded background tasks version 4.0 extension and tried doing it but I don’t understand how that works. All I want is one procedure running every minute in the background.
Thanks in advance.

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Thank you so much for the the awesome explanation of every block. I’m gonna try that right now.

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Thanks I’ve done it, I have 2 questions though. 1 how do I now run the call function every minute and 2 if I put all the blocks in Screen1.Initalize instead of Button1 will it repeatedly create tasks?

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please solve this error

For that, it might be complicated, you will need to use possibly a clock mechanism, because incase the foreground stops you wont be able to call procedure even if it starts again.

You are testing in companion which dont work.

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