How to run Media Scanner after copying file

I need to run Media Scanner to add files to the Android Media Library after copying a file with the file component.

Hi, welcome the community @Badshah_Badu
You can be more specific ?
That you have tried and it hasn’t worked ?
Finally I suggest you read this:

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Yes. I can’t find

I’m sorry, I do not understand you ?
Have you read where I asked you to be more specific?
This way it will be easier to understand what you want to do or what has not worked for you.

I built an app. Some of the files will be downloaded to the hidden folder .Then I need to copy it to another folder. Once copied, it will no longer be visible in the Android Media Library. But it also appears in the folder. If I copy those files manually, they will all come up in the media library.

Try with these extension


Why download to hidden folder ?
Download to downloads folder directly …

i tried both extension before asking the question.

can i run this media scanner without download a file ?

No this is for when you download from web

This is your solution.
Refresh gallery

Is it compatible with audio files?

Try it i think work

Yes . Working

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