How To Save A Resources In "Res/Drawable" Instead Of "Assets"

Is There Any Way To Save My Resources To “Res/Drawable” Instead Of " Assests" Folder In My App Directory.
Like This. >

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Just download the files you want to the directory that you want.
If I understood you correctly, there is nothing hard on it.

But if what you want is save the assets compiled with the app at another folder I think it is impossible.

I guess the best way for you is use as assets only the basic files. Others files that could be deleted from times to times you download and delete them as you need.

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I Think It Isn’t Possible To Download Files In “app directory/res/drawable” folder. If U Have Done This Before Or U have Any Idea Can u Please Share The Blocks???
Thank You.

Oh I thought this drawable folder was just an aleatory folder, like the name of your app or something like this.
I never heard of it before, so I have no idea how to help you but I hope you find someone

You know that it does not make any difference?!?
There is absolut no need for that what you want…


Actually I Need To Save A Resource In “res/drawable” To Show OneSignal Push Custom Small Icon In My App. If U Have Any Other Solution It Will Be helpful To me. Thanks

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i also wanted to store a mp3 file in “res/raw or what ever you call it” for OneSignal’s custom notification tone but I never found a solution for that and I don’t think it is even possible…

Regarding the smallicon changing, I could do something really interesting by creating the transparent icons I wanted to show in my app, decompiled the app and put them into the folder “res/drawable” where the “ya image” is and recompile it wih the APK Easy Tool Portabe. After that, I just wrote the name I gave to the icon in the smallicon option in OneSignal and it worked.


You know that you want to do some really stupid?


why? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

MP3 is not a drawable…


All right… that was my mistake…
i mean (by saying “res/drawable”) :point_right: Capture
{IDK, which folder that is if it is still wrong}

Guys its kodular and not android studio, btw sir @Mika i will love this

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Actually I Need To Save A Resource In “res/drawable” To Show OneSignal Push Custom Small Icon In My App

I didn’t know it wasn’t possible already.
If you find a way please tell us!

With a quick google search you would discover that you can’t do that“res%2Fdrawable”


I understood that he want to compile the app like this, not after the user installed the app.

But well, I didn’t even know there was such a directory so I don’t even know why I am commenting here:joy::joy::joy:

You know you could just save the file in Res/Drawable by saving it there using the file component possibly from your assets folder to that folder. Or you could simply get the file on OneSignal from a URL.

It Isn’t Possible To Show Small Icon From URL In OneSignal

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Did anyone find a solution for this ?

No, Not Yet.