How To Save A Resources In "Res/Drawable" Instead Of "Assets"

[Small letters] on one signal small icon place
.The notification icon will be your app icon… :hugs:

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I Know This, But I Want To Use Custom Icon For Notification.

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If the link above did not provide you with answers, then here it is

Its not possible.

The following link can be helpful

It is not possible to save anything into res/drawable at runtime, sorry.

You can’t modify neither res/drawable, nor any other folder of your apk at runtime. It is build at compile-time and nothing can modify it from inside the application after.

Everything in the apk will be read only. And it’s even better: android doesn’t extract the apk when you install a program, so the size consumed is kept to minimal.

You cannot write to res/drawable.

But you can continue to look for a better answer


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That icon will only appear in status bar. In the notification drawer what you will see is a colored square :no_mouth:

Can you send me a screenshot on pm

I think API 21+ supports only white & transparent icons

Okay… One thing we can do is :thinking: make an png icon that is transparent on center :wink:
Like this :wink:
one of my app icon

Friend I want to replace an image in the res / drawable folders is it possible to know some technique?

friend how can you save in the drawable folder, can you explain better

friend but when compiling the apk again, I accept the google play, I did it with another program and then the play store told me that the certificate that issued the signature of the apk was restricted, if you served tell me please

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