How to save canvas image to gallery

how to save canvas image to gallery

used this … but i didn’t work

Android version ? See

the android version i tried is android 12 and 11 but didn’t work in either

See an example in MIT’s community, canvas saves to asd

Also please stop creating second acoount in order to ask same question. Only one account is allowed in community

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it is not even exporting

This is because of Theme in Project settings, either is missing or you have used a custom package name during creation of project that messed settings

Did you imported test aia from app inventor ?

yes i imported the aia from app inventor to see if it works and if it works … i could use this solution

As I said go to project settings and set Theme to default, then apk compiles fine

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thank you very much it worked

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If problem solved don’t forget to mark solution in order to help others with same problem :slight_smile:

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