How to save the Plus(+) sign in MYSQL data base from user application?

I am storing some amount in MySQL database, as it a profit amount so I show as Eg: +20
but + sign got remove as it saves in the MySQL database.

is there any command or something I can do?

1.Encrypt the data
2.U can also save just 20 in db
And on data fetch when u have to show data u can use join text block and join plus sign with 20

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Maybe : Select Sign( yourfield ) from yourtable


  • 1 if the number is positive.
  • -1 if the number is negative.
  • 0 if the number is zero.
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I solve it like this :

I save the data from the user application. ==== p20
I receive the data as === p20
I saw the data in the list as +20
Logic ( replace all text )= list
(segment)= p
(Replacement)= +

result = +20


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