How to select multiple images with activity starter?

There are already topics about this, but they didn’t help.
I am unable to pick multiple images with an activity starter.
Stackoverflow answers with similar code seem working.

When I select the second image, the first one is unselecting.
Am I doing it wrong?

the built in activity starter is not able to work with boolean values…
you might want to try the Activity Starter Extension by pepemont, which additionally is able to pass boolean and long values

read the short documentation about how to use it

Any key starting with “B.” or “l.” will be passed as boolean or long respectively.

see also this thread


PS: a link to those threads might have helped to not again repeat what already has been said elsewhere

Its not working.

Is there a way to use something like an image picker component and select multiple images?
Because this method opens the file manager to pick files which is difficult to pick images.
The image picker component opens the gallery app and shows images by albums.

what about providing a link to that article?

also you might want to replace the make a dictionary block by a list of one sublist with the key/value pair to find out, if this makes a difference


Not working

Stack OverFlow

please upload your test project into this thread, so someone else can experiment…
thank you


There is nothing more than the blocks I provided.
When Button is Clicked
User should pick multiple images
And get selected images in a list or something

The problem I am getting is


i am not sure about my answer will help or not.
i think you can try to use the combination of File,DynamicImage,List_View_Image_and_Text.

put all image into List_View_Image_and_Text, and you can select them more easier?
DynamicImage can generate a picture wall, and you can see all the pictures?

as far as my research, there seems to no solution for ‘using a current Component’ to multiple select the images…

may be make an extension about what you have found on the website
Select multiple images from android gallery - Stack Overflow

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