How to send a notification after 24 Hours of App Opening

Hello Friends
I Need A Small Help from you
i Am working on app And i want to add a feature on it…

if user don’t open app for 24 hours then a notification send to user

Please tell me how i can do that :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

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I am also sending notification after 24hrs for no activity for assigned task to users, for this I am using fcm and and created a cron job and stored the last active status on database and this cron job is running on my fixed tym…if you want to do this u can try

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how i can do this with background task extensin

Could you talk a little more about this part?

This extension doesn’t work in Кodular.

it does work -

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My tasks extension has alarm manager implementation



Cron job allows you to run specific script at any time you want, basically I have a hosting in which I run the cron jobs as I am having my database online so I have created a script through which I send notification to users as per the conditions and logic, and in my other application I am sending random notification on fixed time to increase engagement, so instead of creating a admin panel I do the same work with cron job.

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I bought this extension and two months ago it didn’t work in Кodular

Did you contact dev?

it looks like you never contacted me? (the author of the Alarmmanager extension)
please send me a PM or email including proof of payment of the extension and details about the issue you are experiencing…

see also chapter Kodular Restrictions in the documentation App Inventor Extensions: Alarm Manager | Pura Vida Apps

Kodular Restrictions

the block get plain start text can’t be used currently, see also this Kodular error report as of Sept 30th 2021

thank you


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Thanks for telling me about this extensoin

I sent you a screenshot of our correspondence when I bought the extension from you

according to your screenshot you already bought the extension in February 2021
at that time this was correct… the extension did not work in Kodular because of the missing services anntation, which has been added in the Fenix version

now the extension is working fine, currently with the following Kodular restrictions

the block get plain start text can’t be used currently, see also this Kodular error report as of Sept 30th 2021


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