How to send "notification" by clicking one button from admin app

why you are so insecure about apps, like there is anybody hacker in the world or try to hack your apps or get you data (maybe your apps contains any secure info like banks so you are using that all, but we all are using that directly to app because we are trusting a Platform)

so same goes for Mysql you are giving link and secure key of Mysql that is also insecure, or that data also coming from somewhere else?

Yeah, play console not accepting apk files, which apps we are directly put api key

in my case play store accepting all my apps which having api key, i haven’t read anything in their privacy policy about that.

Yes i’m using this block, it show toast notification status bar notification alert. And
For example this block is used in user apk for the notification in admin app. but I’m not getting any notification in admin app. Just received toast notification in user apk.
In admin app setup:
use push notification component with the one signal ID

all getting this alert due to use of api key directly, I’m also getting this alert and suspend my app after 1 week of this error

that was a bug and has been fixed in this update , read this,

for sending notification to admin app, you must get subscription key of admin app, ot use another project as admin app in firebase and onesignal and use that app to send notification to a single user or another app,

Oh…great update :star_struck:

I’ll try now and come back to you

i also have been facing GCP error in apps, but my apps didn’t goes down, i have just dismissed that notification and apps are still there in play store. there must be some other reason of removed apps. not this error.

sure, in this update that bug has be resolved. you can try that.

send me once your app url

which app url? which contains that Error?

No, your any application linking with fb db, just want to see

i will send you later…

i don’t get any notification, can u send setup and send me sample aia once

what is group key, can you tell me

group key is number for managing more than one notification in a group.

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