How to send notifications to a particular country

I want to send notifications for my users in a particular country.

Anyone know how can I do that ??

use push notification provided in experimental tab by one signal and then when your send push notification from one signal website select your audience type as u desire


if it solved your problem please mark it as solution :grinning:


u set it by ip address extension but u want to do many struggle on it u want to set all countries in ur app example if ip address is from india then send notification from india tag of firebase and if ip address is from Singapore then send notification from Singapore tag of firebase

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I am not sure but I think you can set it on one signal


no way its not happen with one signal

Are you absolutely sure?

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yes i am sure

I think you didn’t take a good look at onesignal’s website.
Look at my print

If this is not what you want then I didn’t understand your problem correctly.


but he select again and again country before send notification with my way he want to just copy and paste message in text

You don’t have to select country every time. This print I posted above is to create a new segment. After you create it you just have to go on messages and send it to the segment that you desire.

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Even if he had to select the country multiple times in order to send a message, it would be worth it because he wants to use the notification feature in his app and so has to deal with what is provided and use it as it is. However, as @almeidapablo has said, he can make a segment as he desires.

@aravind_chowdary_in, @Deepanshu_Arya has guided you to a possible solution and @almeidapablo has mentioned that it’s adjustable in Onesignal. Check it and if it solves your issue, mark the solution so others with same issue when searching can find it easily.


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