How to send "Notifications" using "Push Notification Component"

Thanks for it.Can we make operation when user clicked notifaction? Like update app database or redirect user to X screen

is it possible?


We tried but it didn’t work, so had to remove it


Congratulations it works!
I get the notification on the mobile device,

for example “Hello word”,

but how can I read the notification and put the word “Hello word” in a string variable and use it in the app?

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I guess you are not using the Makeroid builder at the moment?

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at the moment I’m trying with Thunkable, because Makeroid does not make me the build of the app

I guess you didn’t read this:

Excuse me but I had not read …

I started using Makeroid for a few days …

provided that I have to congratulate you for what you have and are doing!

I need to create an app that uses push notifications to receive information …

I have to wait until April to continue with Makeroid?

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Makeroid will relaunch in Q2 of 2018.

In the meantime i would recommend using AppyBuilder. Their push notifications work very good.

very kind…

I was able to receive OneSignal push notification, using the Thunkable PushNotification component …

With AppyBuilder there is a component that allows me to read the notification received?

with the new version of Makeroid coming out, will it be possible to do?

You should ask your question in the AppyBuilder community.

I don’t know. I am not a developer of Makeroid.

Maybe or maybe not, can’t tell you :relieved:

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can anyone explain the tutoial of bottom sheet or dynamic button?
thanks for help

no llegan los mensajes si la aplicacion esta cerrada…pero su esta en segundo plano si llegan.
Como se soluciona esto?

Tengo entendido que no hay solucion. Makeroid aun no ha dejado activo el servicio de segundo plano

Las notificaciones llevan si la app está cerrada también
Lo que pasa es que no funciona al 100% en Android 8

En mi caso tengo android 6 y 4.4 pero no llega las notificaciones a menos que esten en segundo plano.

Mmm, mira a ver si tienes algún optimizador de recursos q cierre la app, o si usas Xiaomi q esté activado el Autostart

Uso huawei y sony

hurry i got it

hola, sabrian como configurar los bloques dentro de makeroid, para enviar la notificacion a determinado usuario?