How to send Two images and a value in one email using TaifunMail extension

I have a problem I want to send two images and some values ​​in a single email but I don’t know how to do it, I don’t send, I’m using an extension.

after reading the documentation here App Inventor Extensions: Mail | Pura Vida Apps you will find out that the attachments socket expects a comma as delimiter


Friend Taifun already tried it this way and does not send the email I do not know what the problem would be attached my blocks so that you can see yourself.

I tried to do everything right but I still don’t send the email, I don’t know what happens, please help

use Do it to debug your blocks and make sure, the path to the images is correct
see also tip 4 about how to use Do it here App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps
you might want to post a screenshot including Do it result here…



protip: use the example project to find out how to use the extension…

hello here is the screen, I see that if you load the data but do not send

is not a path to a file…

as attachment you only can send files, but not some text; to send some text, store the text in a text file and provide the path to that text file


friend, I can already send it in the body, I wanted to ask you something, I want to send a header image of the email that I send as it could be here, I send you a capture of my blocks.

I already solve the header image but I would like to know how to add a template to my email, so it looks more aesthetic @taifun

can you elaborate?

to display an image in the text of your email, upload that image to a server of your choice and display the image using the img html tag together with the link to that image