How to set a theme?

Is there anyway to make a theme setting like if I select a particular color for a Label, that color will be aplied to other labels in other screens.

I hope you can save the selected colour in a tinydb and when you move to another screen , and when it is open just call this tinydb saved colour and apply to the required labels

(P.S-But I am not sure whether tinydb will save the colour)

You could use dictionary blocks, see

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This has only one screen. What if I have multiple screens and I want to display the same theme to every screen but with just one or two buttons on a single screen.

Did you try tinydb method?

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Try this , theme is set with dictionary blocks, saved to tinydb and has 2 screens

ThemesSample_1.aia (8.7 KB)


You can use Static variable extension by @Sumit1334 to create and store color and access them on other screens

This will work for single session only.