How to Set dynamic label in proper way

I am making a store in which as you can see in image there in platforms there are 4 platforms they are not written in which I want.

It is written in:-
Kodular,Thunkable,App Inventor,Android Studio

I want to create in:-
Kodular and 3 more

Note:- This is a Dynamic label.

How to do like this

You could split the Text on „ , “ in a List and delete the ones you don’t want. Then add the „more.“ to the List. Make a text from the list with „ , “ and set it for the text.

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Sorry, but how can I make kodular and 3 more like this @Ded_Sec_00

split spaces

strings > split(" ")

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I don’t use any space between two platforms I used commas , @HAKANKOKCU

Then set , on the split like @HAKANKOKCU mentioned.

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Input your text and the ,

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Use , to store value like Kodular,Abc,Xyz



Thanks all I got my answer

That is what I described. It would work perfectly :+1:


I think its more easy

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