How to set exo player duration on label

how to Set Duration time on label

i use these blocks but duration not show properly
these blocks show duration like 00.75, 4.66


What do you expect the results to be?

Please provide more information on what is happening, and when you are enabling the Clock2 function.

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He wants to do the time count when the song starts, but with that method, he is showing is not working good, the count goes up to 99.
For example: 00.99 and then 01.00 etc…
But he wants real seconds.
For example: 00.59 and then 01.00 etc…

I hope I explained better.


then just divide by 60 to get the total number of minutes

if Num > 60 then (num/60*100 round )/100

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Can you show an example with blocks? Pls

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Try it out first.

What I gave you gave the minute, you need to do that again for the seconds.

Give it a go, and then post what you have and we can help you with it. It is better that you understand it by building it.


I’m trying now but I don’t know what blocks I should use…

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i’d same problem… and need help here…


Same Problem too.


Hi, sorry to bump the old thread, maybe this blocks will help everyone who want to showing duration from exo player component.

This how i use it

for complete block you can visit the tutorial here Create Android Simple Music Player With Admob Kodular / App Inventor – Amoeba Dev

Hope it helps.