How to set marker


How to use JSON to create marker

anyone help ?

Searçh community keyword “google maps marker”.


Thanks Django i created marker

No i need tu update the marker every time
But how

property Name ?
Value ?

I created the marker now i need to muve it with me

  1. Create 1 marker
  2. Folows my location

I think its this block Update Marker , but how i set this , lat & Ing block to update location of marker

You should remove the marker (“remove all markers” block) and then add the marker again with new coordinates

Where is the (remove all markers” block)

i youst found (Remove Marker marker id) block


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Please ? help

Sir, it is an another question. Mark one answer as solution and then create a new one.

That way can you remove all markers.



Thanks allot ! [skulteti_balazs]

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