How to set one click auto click another click

Hello great koders your quick help will be the best on this.
I have created the app which has an Admin Panel and in order to access that admin the user should enter a password which is pulled from Airtable but according to the procedure of When Button Click it is impossible for me to know how to set this.

Please take a look how I have down it.

Please help me :pray:

From what I see in the images you want that when you click on the button it does the same as “ExtraButtonClick”, right? Or is it the opposite?

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yes that is what I want

You can store ElementIndex in a variable, and then use it in the OnClick event

If you give me a few minutes I can send some blocks

But you need element index which is only available at colintree listview

of course that is what I need. :+1: please how can I get it without trouble?


but this is a password so I would like to get it after clock goes off there is no need to being see by every user.

Plz post screenshot of ui from companion to see where is adminbtnGo and colintree listview

That colintree listview should not be seen but the user because it is a password which is supposed to be entered.

Hello @alexitoo_uy

Hello koders this is how I have managed to grab the password from airtable into admin password but the problem is that I use the label text and it tends to add parentheses ( ) but if I use colintreelistview I can’t then get the elementIndex

This is what I get
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

I have seen that it is simple to get the password from aitable and set it into my block text password but the problem are those parentheses numbers please help me to know how can I remove them

Please how can I remove this


I want to thank two of you @alexitoo_uy and @Vaibhav you have helped me to solve this by using this blocks now I do get the real password stored on Airtable without parentheses.
Here are the full blocks how the issue was solved.

This is what I get when I make the component visible to true

Thank you very much I real I appreciate this Platform :pray: :pray: :pray:


As you are getting list from airtable why not treat it as it



Like @Boban says, it’s a list. Therefore you should read the content as a list. It is a good programming habit to work with data types without “force brute” extracting the data out of the original content. It may help avoid confusions after some time passed and you need to change something in your code.
And in this particular case you will save some blocks. You really only need three blocks to get that.

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Hello @Italo Yes I agree but in this case I was unsure about the exact use case scenario. As you might be knowing that in Airtable if the column has more than one value than in that case sometimes Airtable doesn’t return the values (list) in the way they are entered/displayed in the sheet i.e there element index in the list keeps on changing. And in this case, hard-coding the index or static index doesn’t help.

Moreover if the user is sure that there would be only one value throughout, then I think Airtable sheet is not the right method to store that value. Meaning why to use/occupy one whole column for just one value. But it’s my personal thought

Also my answer was just addressing the user’s main query(of removing brackets) at that particular time. Sorry if anyone finds my answer inappropriate.

Not inappropriate at all. I always say “If it works, it works”. Just giving my two cents about keeping your code clean and easier to understand for you or someone else after some time has passed.

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