How to set start value from our login csv row data?

I try to open another screen with start value:
a row from my csv file, that i use as my user login.

@Mohamed_Tamer or anybody else could you please help me with this? really need your help :pray:t2:

Friend, the index represents the position within the CSV. Then you should know what information you want to pass to the next screen. See your blocks: you used the index of the list and compared it with Password. Why don’t you do the same?

It’s like @Rogerio_Rios says.
On the other hand, I see that you’ve put the name of your screen with a space. You can’t use spaces.

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i tried few blocks but still stuck, friend. may you could give me more detail suggestion :pray:t2:

Here, what you get ? Password ?
If you did so and got the password, then you need to change a little to get the user name.listcsv

this is my username block