How To Set Text Alignment on Button


Does anyone know how to Set Text Alignment to Left on Button by using Block? i tried to find any solution but i can found any block can do that… unless set it from design not from block…

But if we use Dynamic Component and create Button, how to set dynamic button text to left?

Thanks for help…

Sorry I am not sure how to do it with a button but you can try an arrangement? and make it clickable. Hopefully someeone comes with an actual solution but if not maybe try this.

If you are using dynamic component extension by @yusufcihan then I think you can set the text alignment with set property block or else you can use this :point_down: extension by @Boban


let me try… i will back and give some feedback

What should i put in set property block for dynamic component? like component, name and value?

Yes, use that extension its work… thanks @Vaibhav for your information

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Component : Put a component block.
Name : Name of the parameter.
Value : Value of the parameter.

So in your case,
Name : “TextAlignment”
Value : 0, 1 or 2

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I got an error… maybe my extension old one…

Can you show the error?

Im sorry… i already remove for Text Alignment… i use different extension for it… but error something like No Virtual Method …

Something like this

But other block are works great…


Can you try the latest version from the first post? I already fixed that bug before.

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Sure thing @yusufcihan

Thanks for your great extension…

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