How to set up a server for a school system?

I want to develop a school app with student management and tests and more … | I have two questions 1. You can send me the necessary extensions | Can I open a home server for this? | If so then how

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@ovednoam055, using home server is one choice. But, you can try anyone of the following choices as database : google sheet, firebase, airtable, etc.

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Does Google Sheet support Hindi Language or not?

About server: I’m really recommend about RealTime firebase.
It’s easy to setup and work with it (I’m using about 3 years and this is great).
Extension? You need to say exactly what you want to do, i can’t say download x extension…
Next time say waht you want exactly.

Firebase Firebase Pricing
Airtable Pricing - Airtable

What would it be like to send extensions?
Home server? Better not…
I use Mysql and Hostinger.
My School System run with PHP ,Visual Fox Pro and Kodular.