How to share generated QR image without downloading it

i created an scanning and qr code generating app, and im kind of stuck on one point, i cant find a way to share the generated image.

what i mainly wanted to do is when i click on a button a qr code image created and i displayed that image on a image component,
now i can download that image to my device and use it locally however i want

but i want to create an option where i can share that qr code image which is displayed on a image component.

below is the screenshot of my blocks -

so if anyone knows how to do this pls share your thoughts…



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can i use a image link with this compenent, because the qr code generator generates a image link.

An image saved to your sd is a file yes. Else i wouldn’t have showed you the block. :sunglasses:


i wanna share image without saving it in my sd card, is there any way i can do that…

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but what about deleting the file after sharing it?

can you show me this example specially the deleting part using blocks

Why don’t you look at all the different components of Makeroid. That’s the fun of learning how to use Makeroid. The blocks you need are allready there.

Selectie_999(409) is part of the file component in storage.

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this is best and simple solution i got so far and its working perfectly…

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