How to share image file to whatsapp?

How to share or set status image file to whatsapp or other social media that stored in airtable ?

Firstly you have to call that image from airtable and the you can use this component available in social>sharing


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You can use direct file also

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it is saying that

No this is incorrect

Wait let me send the correct blocks

@fccb0d7d7b48679a6631b5ba9 use this
Here is app
test2 (1).apk (5.4 MB)
And here is the aia
test.aia (153.7 KB)
And Here is video

but This code save every file to device also. I want it that should not save to device.

Ok I will make changes to that also wait ok but one thing after sharing on whatsapp it will save :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

@fccb0d7d7b48679a6631b5ba9 here i have added a delete option in this it will automatic delete from phone option
test.aia (36.4 KB)

Thanks @fccb0d7d7b48679a6631b5ba9 if you need any help then just message you can also follow me :grin:

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