How to show a notification once everyday

I have created a notification and want to show it once every day. Can any one help me how to do that.

which type of notification? push notification ?

if you are asking about push notification then you can control that from onesingal website, you will find there automated notification and set that to you specific time,

( Note: some features are paid, you can check which one is free)

no normal notification

normal notification can be sent only when app is running, if app is not running then you cant send that notification,

Kodular currently not supporting background processes after app close

yes but can we show the notification once everyday when they open the app. but not more than once a day.

yes you can store date into tiny db, when user open check if stored date is not equal to today’s date, then send notification,

to compare dates, you can use extension of Date tools by @vknow360 ,

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