How to show a popup just once for user

Hello, I was searching for an answer on the forum and also online but I didn’ found anything so… here I am.
I was wondering if there is a way to show a dialog only once for every user, like a welcome popup that it’s shown only the first time that the app is opened.
I was thinking about creating a variable and put on the on screen start event, that if the variable is 0 (default) than it shows the popup and if the variable is 1, it doesn’t show (the variable changes after a button click on the popup) but this would mean that I need also a database and that I should save and load that variable every time so I was wondering if this is the only way or if I missed some kind of components that could result useful for this.


I do this myself. It is my Info Do you want a tutorial screen.

  1. You need a place to store the selection, so either do TinyDB or online like firebase.
  2. If you do online, you need a unique identifier, like deviceID or something.
  3. When the Screen starts, I have it check the version number of the app, and if it is out of date, it forces an update.
  4. If the version is good it checks to see if the person has seen the welcome screen before. If not, it shows it. The screen gives the user the option of a spotlight tutorial.

Does that help?

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Tinydb is the best choice for me.
How do I store a selection?
With tinydb using a tag and as object to save I use “get selection” or it’s completely different?

You got it.

Get.Tag: startupMessage
Value.if.Not: 0

If Get.Tag. startupMessage = 0
Call Notifier1
Write.Tag startupMessage = 1


Thank you, gonna try it when I’ll get some time :slight_smile:

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Thank you, I didn’t knew that the DB can also store booleans


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