How to show airtable spreadsheet data in spinner?

Pls check your spreadsheet values in designer part also make sure you didn’t have empty cell value in airtable…

I have indeed checked everything. No gups, all the codes are indeed correct Api and all that

I have check everything, and it is correct and no gups

Check again Api,Base Id, Table Name, Column Names. If correct, check for empty rows or cells. If still no data received check your code

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It is correct, if you want you nac try it by your self you will se that the data is not beeing received

Post a test aia to check it

Can you do for me pls just demo one

Why won’t you send me your demo ?

Give me a sec

Make file shareable

You can try now

Are you using non english characters in columns names ? For example greek ?

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I am using Greek

Colums names should be in English in order to get data. Change them and try again

Ok I will try

Also note that greek language is not supported fully in airtable so in order to save data in greek from your app and get it back correcty you should use url encode, decode block

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I solve the problem thanks, I just change the character to English thanks a lot

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If problem solved mark solution :white_check_mark: in order to help others with the same problem :slight_smile:

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