How to Show how many rows in airtable or mysql in lable

How to show how many rows(Total Number) are in airtable or mysql in lable

The ‘Got all rows’ block contains total rows variable

But in My Sql Database Extension

There is a channel named Deep Host on You tube from there you can clear your all doubt. Just watch that video …

I’m Already Using Deep Host Mysql Database Extension But There is no option to get total rows

You can use these

It is showing all values not total Rows Number

For Airtable:

And for MySql:

P.S. don’t forget to subtract 1 from length of list as columns are also returned in response content


Just use raw query block and run this mysql query for count rows
SELECT COUNT(column_name) FROM table_name
Same query should be used with condition.
It count rows and return not provide row data

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Sales.Customer

I have already Found This Code on Internet but i dont know what is star icon this is the reason i have asked this question. Thanks

Is it possible to open app using my website

  • icon means select all