How to show Play Store apps in my app?

Hello I want to show some other play store apps in my app like youtube or facebook, how can I do it?
I want to achieve the same design concept in my Kodular apps as YouTube and Facebook is doing!
(I dont want to feature my app on Facebook or YouTube ads!)

Looks like bottom sheet but have no idea how to fetch screen shot or download number.

Any help is appreciated!

Use webviewer in bottom sheet and put link of that app in web viewer .when someone click on your custom ad then it call bottom navigation to show.but for admob ad i Think it not possible on kodular

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Yeah its possible but there is no official api to get data but some other ways exist
Here is an example have a look into it
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These are ads

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@Vedang In my link??

I found this and it just an idea i’ll post something more precise when free but now i m bzy

@Yash_Agarwal_376 @Zia_Choudhary thanks, but I think this is new library by Android because Facebook is also implementing same. If someone can find it, then it will help people create extension for Kodular.

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No in his video

They are Ads and if a ads contain play store app and when clicked this preview popups.

I want to create the same popup in my Kodular app, is it a new library?